Polypropylene Products

Polypropylene production for selling

The Products made of polypropylene (PP) is hygienic, durable, resistant to corrosion and UV



We provide high quality polypropylene pellets, which are tough and durable. What is the most important those pellets are resistant to stretching and elongation. During the years we have
established strong relationships with suppliers, that is why we might offer for our customers’ pellets at competitive prices.



The technology of manufacture ensures fabric strength. Mainly, that kind of fabric used for bags, big-bag bags, coating and etc.

Big – bag


Big bags of polypropylene are used for packaging small products like: sugar, salt, bulk products such as fertilizers, construction materials, grain, vegetables, fruits and other bulk hazardous/not
hazardous products.



Bags of polypropylene are used in difference fields like: agriculture, chemistry, food industry, construction and other industry where is necessary to have robust and reliable package.

Polypropylene (PP)

The density of polypropylene is the smallest one (about 0.9/cm3) from the all plastics. Polypropylene is sturdy and resistant to temperature and chemicals, comparing with polyethylene (PE), (depends on the type: get soften at 140C, melting point – 175C). Polypropylene is known as not resistant to UV light and exposure to oxygen. However, these problems disappear by adding additional stabilizers.

The highest operating temperature of polypropylene is 120C to 140C. Also, polypropylene products can be sterilized by steam or boiling, as it does not affect the shape or changes of mechanical features.